Gior Jewels. Unique Jewels.

Noble metals, worked and transformed into designer jewels. Gold, silver and precious stones.

In all of Isabella Gabbin’s creations there is a unique and personal style, which can be inspired by ancient Etruscan art or reinterpret classic and modern forms, with elegance and sensitivity.

Here, the high-quality artisan jewel and the handcrafted piece are at the center of everything and celebrate the best Italian goldsmith tradition. For those who love handmade jewelry and for those who love to be surprised, Gior is both an artisan goldsmith’s workshop and a jewelry shop to visit. It is located in one of the most beautiful and ancient squares of Belluno, in the Loggia of Palazzo dei Ghibellini (called Loggia di Foro) with an ancient white stone balustrade. At Gior Gioelleria, in addition to Isabella Gabbin’s creations, you will find silverware products from the most prestigious brands and watches that fit the most various tastes.

Isabella Gabbin,

a life dedicated to the goldsmith's art.

Isabella Gabbin is a goldsmith artist who expresses herself in a wide variety of creations, from handmade jewelry to eyewear, through an eclectic taste, exercised with great personality and professionalism.

Isabella Gabbin began drawing in elementary school, immediately showing a natural predisposition to art. At the Vittorio Veneto Art Institute (TV), she refines her creativity with the technique of drawing and planning. During the 5 years of studies, she won the prize of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce for two years and did an apprenticeship at two goldsmiths workshops, in Vittorio Veneto and Pordenone, where she acquired the technique and manual skills of true goldsmith art.

At the same time, she attended a glyptic course, to also learn the art of cutting precious stones and miniature. Graduated in 1993 …


The shop, in Belluno, in Piazza del Mercato

“This is the most beautiful place in my city. The mountains that I see before entering this square and that surround my city, Belluno, are the demonstration of the strength and substance of nature. In this place, in this square, I breathe the air that binds me to my work. The windows, the arcades, the fountain, the morning market and the comings and goings of the people … everything that my eyes see, inspires my creations, my unique jewels.”

The craftsmanship of Gior

The design jewels, created by Gior, with precious stones and noble metals are the emblem of the ancient Italian goldsmith’s art.
The video shows the creation of a yellow gold wedding ring set with a diamond.

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A 'Design Award and Competition 2017

On Saturday 17 June 2017, at a prestigious villa on Como lake, our Isabella Gabbin was reconfirmed as the world-wide winner of the first prize in the design competition A ‘design AWARD competition with a pendant in gold and diamonds.

This pendant has the particularity of being transformable.

Patented in 2009, she presented it exclusively to Bulgari and King Charles and only at the beginning of this year she made it public through the prestigious competition.

The winning pendant
Isabella Gabbin viene premiata per il primo posto al concorso di design A’ design AWARD del 2017.

A 'Design Award and Competition 2016

Glasses in gold and diamonds: this is the creation which Isabella Gabbin ranked third in the A ‘Design Award and Competition 2016, a global competition aimed at the design sector.
The original creation called “Charmas” consists of a pair of glasses in 18 kt gold and 4.2 ct diamonds. The basic technique used is granulation revisited in a modern version through investment casting. The base in white gold was created from a wax model and enriched with set diamonds.

Tahitian Pearl Trophy

Isabella Gabbin participated in the Tahitian Pearl Trophy 2007/2008 international design competition where she won the 2nd prize with these three creations.