Gior. Unique Jewels.

Nobel metals, crafted and transformed into jewels of art. Gold, silver and precious stones.
Every Isabella Gabbin’s creation reflects her unique and personal style. It can be inspired by the ancient Etruscan art or it can reinterpret classic and modern forms with elegance and sensibility. In Isabella’s creations, the jewel and the handmade piece are the heart of her work, celebrating the best Italian jewellery tradition. Gior is a jewellery to visit for the people who love pure and authentic jewels and who want to be amazed. It is located in one of the most beautiful and ancient squares of Belluno, in particular in the Loggia of Palazzo dei Ghibellini (called Loggia di Foro) with an ancient white stone balustrade. Besides Isabella’s creations, silverware of the most prestigious brands and watches will wait for you to satisfy different tastes.

Isabella Gabbin,

a life dedicated to goldsmiths art.

Isabella is a goldsmiths artist who expresses herself in a wide range of creations, through an eclectic style, which is applied with great personality and professionalism.

Isabella Gabbin started drawing at primary school, showing immediately her natural talent for art. She improved her creativity through the draw technique and the design at the Institute of Art in Vittorio Veneto (TV).
Dug the five years of study, she won for two years the “Camera di Commercio of Vicenza” award. She did her apprenticeship in two goldsmiths studios, in Vittorio Veneto and in Pordenone, where Isabella learnt the technique and the dexterity of the real goldsmiths art. Meanwhile she attended a course of glyptic to learn the art of the stonecutting and of the miniature.
Isabella got her diploma in 1993…


The shop, in Piazza del Mercato

“This is the best place in my city. The surrounding mountains, which I see before getting in the square, show the power and the essence of nature. In this place, in this square, I breathe the air that links myself to my job. The windows, the porches, the fountain, the morning market, the people’s comings and goings…Everything my eyes can see inspires my unique creations, my unique jewels.”

The video of the manufacturing techniques

In the following video, you will watch the creation of a yellow gold wedding ring with a diamond setting.

Watch the video

A' Design Award and Competition 2017

On Saturday, June 17, 2017, at a prestigious villa on Lake Como, our Gabbin Isabella has been awarded the world’s first prize winner in the design competition A’ Design AWARD competition with a gold and diamond pendant. This pendant has the peculiarity of being “openable”, so it can be transformed. Patented already in 2009 he introduced him to various brands such as Bulgari and Re Carlo brands and only earlier this year made him public through this prestigious competition.

The winning pendant

A' Design Award and Competition 2016

A pair of glasses made of gold and diamonds. This is the creation that allowed Isabella Gabbin to get the III place at “A Design Award and Competiton”, a worldwide competition, dedicated to the design field. The creation, called Charmas, consists of a pair of glasses made od 18kt gold and 4,2 ct diamonds. The basic technique used is the granulation, which is realised in a modern version through the micro fusion: from a wax model, a base of white gold embellished with set diamonds has been created.

Tahitian Pearl Trophy

Isabella Gabbin took part in the international design competition “Thaitian Pearl Trophy” 2007/2008 where she won the II prize with these three creations.